Yellow and Red Crap

(Pat Kiernan via Twitter)

I think we’ve more or less determined by now that weather forecasters are completely useless. But *really* who needs them when you’ve got New York 1 anchorman Pat Kiernan telling it like it is:

The technical term “yellow and red crap” just slipped out of my mouth on NY1 when describing rain on radar images.

Right when I thought this man had achieved a near impossible level of awesome, he goes and kicks it up a whole new notch. Seriously, how do people in other cities make it through their mornings? Well. Actually. How do people in other cities make it through their lives? You know, what with the lack of culture and diversity and really almost anything interesting going on? But that’s a question whose answer requires more time and energy than I’ve got at the moment. So let’s just focus for now on Pat Kiernan, shall we?

This isn't really today's weather.


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