This pretty much disproves the "1-in-10 New Yorkers has bedbugs" thing, I think.

7 For All Mankind, Eddie Bauer Jeans Meet Their Ends at Gap (Racked NY)

Lost in the firestorm over the Gap’s ultimately unsuccessful attempt to revamp its image through 1980s graphic design is news that the store apparently has been collecting people’s old, worn-out jeans so the denim can be recycled into home insulation. Which, whatever. Philanthropy: you’ve got to do it in these socially-conscious times. But it’s a bold move during Bedbug Fest 2010, no? Because they’re not collecting this stuff on the sidewalk. You know, with, like, tongs. And then sealing them in Ziploc bags and transferring them as quickly as possible into industrial dryers set to high heat for at least 20 minutes. No. They’re collecting the jeans in bins, right out in the open in the front of the stores. My God!

So this is horrifying. And you won’t catch me in a Gap anytime soon. But the good news is that there hasn’t been an infestation. (At least, not yet. The promotion runs through October 20, so there’s still time.) But, you know, there’s what? Like a million Gaps in New York City? And if every one of them collects even a modest one hundred pairs of jeans? That’s, like, math I can’t even do anymore without the aid of the calculator on my iPhone. And if one in ten New Yorkers allegedly has bedbugs? There’d be Gaps shut down all over the city! So, rumor officially discredited! Thank you Gap, and your strange philanthropic campaign!


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