The Black-Something-or-Other Won an MTV Award

The Black Keys – Tighten Up (Official Video)

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you didn’t know The Black Keys won an MTV video music award for their (brilliant) video for “Tighten Up.” Because, you know, much about this is baffling, and nothing about the VMAs is appealing to anybody with any amount of taste. (And trust me, I define”taste” pretty loosely. My biggest fear used to be that a person operating under the common, yet terribly misguided notion that I have good taste in music might someday swipe my mp3 player and put in on random at a party, unleashing a tsunami of Britney Spears songs and banter from live Moxy Fruvous shows upon unsuspecting party guests. Now it’s that someone will walk into my apartment and hit the List button on my DVR. Because it’s pretty horrendous: what isn’t NASCAR is reality TV. And we’re not talking about the semi-acceptable reality as produced by networks like Bravo and The Discover Channel. We’re talking about Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It.)

Anyhow. Where was I? Right. The Black Keys. Breakthrough video award. Baffling. Both because of the very-much-been-done-before joke about MTV still showing videos. (The network even dropped the words “Music Television” from its logo earlier this year.) and because it never occurred to me that MTV might reward actual creative excellence. Rest assured, however, that this development in no way signals a turn toward greater respect for serious musicianship. Because MTV sent The Black Keys their Moon Man earlier this week, and here’s what it said: 

This is as real as it is awesome. In other words, “completely.”


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