Mentionables: Wednesday, October 27, 2010

- Earlier this week, I discussed what should have been a happy intersection of music and fashion. Unfortunately, when we arrived to the intersection, we found a gory collision of bedbugs and extortionist prices. But have no fear, for we have come upon a traffic circle, with offshoots leading not only to music and fashion, but also to home decor. I mean, really, will you check out this fabulous poster?? I’ll warn you, though: Don’t spend too much time on Moxy Creative House’s site, or you’ll end up dropping $120 on posters, which will then necessitate a $65 expenditure at You know, not that I’d know anything about that or anything.

- Jeremy Sisto answered The Daily Intel’s 21 Questions today. I don’t know why most people know him, but I now know him as “The Guy Who Gave the Definitive Answer to the Question: ‘What do you hate most about living in New York?’” Like, we don’t even need to ask that question anymore. The answer really and truly is: The Mexican food. It’s horrendous. Which makes no sense, because this city does most cuisines better than the countries where they originated. But it’s true: You can’t find good Mexican food in this town. And that’s a damn shame!

- Is there anything that people love more than “Before and After” photos? (There’s not.) So head over to Business Insider for their awesome look at why you should never trust the photos that hotels post online. But yeah. Signs That You’re a Little Low-Rent: You prefer the reality to the fantasy shots. I mean, the fantasy shot from Breezes Montego Bay looks a bit like a scene out of a swingers’ weekend, no? And I prefer the party atmosphere at the Riu Negril Club’s Pool to the back-dimpled bikini model serenity. That being said, the reality beach scene at the Gran Bahia Principe in Punta Cana looks like a little slice of hell, and I’ve vacationed on one of those faux king beds. It wasn’t the most romantic experience.


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