A Set of Photos of Good Looking Subway Riders that Probably Doesn’t Include You

NYC’s Hottest Subway Routes: 36 Saucy Snaps (via Refinery 29)

Admit it: If you saw this Refinery 29 post, and you spend any amount of time riding around the NYC subway system, you clicked through the slide show to see if maybe, by some miracle, it included a photo of you. You knew it was unlikely: This city has an abundance of really quite staggeringly stylish and attractive people. But our belief in the unlikely is what keeps us going. And so we click through, even though we haven’t had a haircut in seven months, or for that matter, even bothered to shower in three days. (Yeah, I know that’s gross, but when I’m working 17-hour days, and the choice is an hour of sleep or an hour in the shower, sleep will win at least until day 5 of 6.)

It occurred to me while clicking through the slide show, though, that there is something worse than not being selected to appear. Something much worse, in fact: You could be in the background of one these shots. Because I can console myself in the knowledge that I’ve only been on the subway twice in the last two weeks. What are the chances my path would have crossed this photographer’s when I’ve been such a recluse, couch-bound, workaholic lately? But if you’re in the back of one of these photos, that means your paths did cross, and the photographer said, “No. Not you. Her.” That’s got to hurt.

So yes. Potential slide show viewers beware: This could be more ego crushing than you realized.


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