Recent Events Roundup: Let’s cover a bunch of stuff I haven’t had time lately to address specifically, shall we?

Work has let up a bit, but not enough for me to read enough to write about anything properly, so I’ve mostly resorted to Twitter as my outlet for every fucking thing that’s crossed my mind over the last few weeks. (I’m @imsiobhan. Follow me!) Some of it is worthy of a slightly more in-depth discussion than what’s possible in 140 characters, though, so let’s review what’s happened over the last 10 or 12 days:

- The Red Cross Drunk-Tweeted. The year is young enough that I can say this without sounding ridiculous: In my absolute favorite story of the year, the kid who manages the Red Cross’s Twitter account got his accounts crossed last Tuesday night and announced to the world that the American Red Cross was “#gettingslizzerd”. What makes this story good is that the Red Cross responded reasonably and with some appropriate light humor: “We’ve deleted the rogue tweet, but rest assured the Red Cross is sober, and we’ve confiscated the keys.” (By the way Red Cross, “rouge tweet”? Awesome.) What makes the story great is that the whole episode turned into a minor fundraising campaign for the Red Cross, as donations began rolling in with the #gettingslizzerd hashtag, and Dog Fish (the brewery mentioned in the original drunk tweet) encouraged its consumers to send a few bucks in the Red Cross’s direction. All’s well that ends well!

- RADIOHEAD!!! If you’re even remotely in touch with the music world, you know that Radiohead released a new album; a week ago today, in fact, and a day before even they intended to release it. Now. Those of you who actually know me know that try as I might, I just do not *get* Radiohead. I’ll like the occasional song I hear in one of my obsessed buddy’s cars, but then I’ll go home and try to listen to one of their albums, and I’ll want to kill myself by about the third track. I’m the only serious music fan I know who doesn’t like them. I can’t put my finger on the disconnect.

What I do love about this album, though, is the all-encompassing debate about every single nothing-too-minor element of it: The music. The method of distribution. (“Record companies are dead!” “Wrong! Without years of record company support, Radiohead never could have done this!”) The exuberant explosion of 140 character pronouncements of the record’s greatness/awfulness on Twitter. The more cautious “this is what I think now, but I reserve the right to change my opinion” early reviews from more respected (or at least, better paid) cultural commentators. Rob Harvilla’s description of the record as “a cynical British dude mumbling over Moby’s ‘God Moving Over the Face of the Waters’.” Zach Baron’s comment that “the whole thing sounds like whales crying.”

I find it all so thoroughly fascinating on so many different levels. The aforementioned Zach Baron (who writes like a fucking dream, by the way) said it best, so I’m just going to quote him rather than attempt to say it myself: “For me, the weird glimpse of a restored monoculture is the point — for once, music fans were all talking about the same thing.”And so, while I don’t care about this record the way most of the rest of the serious music-listening world cares about it, I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly over the past week.

- JUSTIN BIEBER!!! Meanwhile, in pop music so popular that this story made the 5 o’clock news: Justin Bieber cut his hair!!! And as humans fortunate enough to live in a time that coincides with Justin Bieber’s complete domination of our radiowaves, movie theatres, Twitter, and let’s be honest with ourselves, our lives generally, we are required to have an opinion about it. Me personally, I’m not a fan. He looks like Jonathan Taylor Thomas circa 1999, when Randy Taylor absconded to Costa Rica to save rainforests, or however Home Improvement dispensed with the character when JTT left the show to (from what I understand from a former co-worker who went to school with him) be kind of douche-tacular at Harvard. Back to Biebs, though, I’ve noticed he’s attempted to style his new ‘do in a shorter version of the old haircut in more recent pictures. I think that’s a good move …

… which is something I’m just saying as a woman who is, apparently, old enough to be his mother. Because holy crap. I caught some footage of Justin Bieber’s dad on TMZ . Have you seen this guy? No? Well, here’s a link to what BuzzFeed calls “The 10 Sexiest Pictures of Justin Bieber’s Dad.” Mind you, “sexy” isn’t exactly the first word that leaps to my mind when I look at these photos. Given editorial authority, I might have gone for something more like, “Ten Pictures in which Justin Bieber’s Dad Looks Like the Worst Profile You’ve Ever Seen in Your Entire Life.” But regardless, my point is: How old is this fucking guy?? I’ll tell you how old he is: According to Google, he was born in 1975. And Justin Bieber’s mom was born in 1976. Want to take a guess who else was born in 1976? I mean, it was bad enough when I realized that I’m older than just about every professional athlete on the field. Now it turns out I’m old enough to have spawned an international pop star. That’s a bit of a kick in the gut. But moving on …

- In other men’s hair news … We also learned this week that absurdly hot model / photographer / America’s Next Top Model Judge Nigel Barker is remarkably unattractive with hair. I mean, will you look how this man turned up to New York Fashion Week??Seriously male readers: I know baldness gets a bad rap, but some of you wear it spectacularly well.

Okay, I’ve gotta go figure out what the hell is happening in Libya now …


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  1. At least we know what Justin Bieber will look like a few years down the road when he’s out of rehab, fathered a child with Miley Cyrus (or some other teeny bopper who has similarly washed up after blazing so brightly), and bulked up to pursue an acting career. I’m thinking The Fast and the Furious 6 – father and son unite.

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